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Prime land for fruit/vegetable gardening:

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Begin planting your first season. The property is ready to be certified as it has been managed organically for over 18 years. Approximately 26 acres of tillable land consisting of deep silty loam soil lends itself to growing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. There are approximately 2 acres of established (organic) asparagus beds on the property as well as 27 organic fruit trees (apples, pears, cherries and plums). Wild strawberries and raspberries are plentiful everywhere on the property. Cultivated strawberries and raspberries do very well on this property as well. Being less than a mile from Lake Michigan provides a unique microclimate in which cool-weather crops such as lettuce and peas can be grown all summer. The lake also offers protection from early autumn freezes and thus allows the heat-loving crops such as tomatoes and squash to extend their harvest into the fall. This location offers ready access to 6 different Door County farmers markets and multiple restaurants that value locally grown organic produce. It is located only 45 minutes from Green Bay and an additional 6 farmers markets.We'd love to tell you more if you are interested, so feel free to contact us at the link above or click here.

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